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Eternal youth does not exist, in scientific terms, but it is possible to delay the aging. In Renacer Clinic we have created a plan to help you in this process


The wrinkles are alterations accumulated with the years and marked constant movements, being one of the most impacting manifestations of the cutaneous aging.

The worries for the wrinkles, has increased the interest among men and women to dissimulate them, emerging with different treatments that will help us delay the process of aging, that is why RENACER CLINIC presents a novel treatment, FACIAL COCKTAIL OF ANTIAGING that not only fights the wrinkles but also prevents the sagging and gives back the life to our face.

The principal causes of the wrinkles is the overexposing at the sun (radiation, ultraviolet), the cigarette (decreases cutaneous oxygenation), inadequate feeding, excess of alcohol, dry environment that dehydrates the skin that involves lack of hydration and nutrition to the skin.

The two most notable wrinkles are the expressions produced from the repetitive contraction of the expressive muscles and they accentuate more with the gestures and the gravitational wrinkles that are produced due to the loss of adipose tissue and sagging.

Preventive Treatments:

  • Balanced diet.
  • Avoiding abrupt loss or gaining of weight.
  • Drink enough water (about 1.5 liters).
  • Moderate physical exercise, preferable outside.
  • Daily skin hygiene (morning and night).
  • Sleep enough but restful.
  • Avoid the excess of sun and alcohol.
  • Avoid cigarettes and drugs.
  • Avoid stress.

THE FACIAL COCKTAIL OF REJUVENATION has as ingredients vitamins, amino acids, oligoelements and other components that stimulate the cellular regeneration of the skin, increase the production of collagen, the reorganization of the elastina, rehydrate the skin, fighting this way the wrinkles and preventing the aging.

  • It is applied by mesotherapy (fine injections in the skin), following the track of the wrinkle.
  • Set of 4 sessions, one each fifteen or thirty days.
  • It is applied in man as well as woman.
  • This treatment is very known in Europe since surgery is not needed, the session lasts approximately half hour and the changes are noticeable from the third session.
  • We believe that this is a rational treatment of the wrinkles and prevention of the cutaneous aging especially for the comfort of its application

The adoption of an adequate nutrition is, among all the involved factors in the natural process of aging, the intervention that has been most efficient. Studies indicate that most of the causes of mortality like diabetes, obesity, cancer or cardiac pathologies, are largely due to nutritional habits.

“It is found that 35% of the healthy adult has insufficient nutritionals that condition to the development of cancer that prevents the possibility of aging”.

The diet must provide sufficient quantity of natural antioxidants substances and also, the own individual must worry to insure the additional ingest  that are needed under special conditions, physical exercise, nutritional status, pathological status, environmental condition, life style. Whichever is our place of action we must promote a “Healthy Diet” and/or a “Preventive Therapy”.

That involves watching characteristics of the diet and promoting healthy life styles.

  • Eat a balanced and varied diet.
  • Watch the intake of total fat, trans acid fats, polyunsaturated fat and saturated.
  • Increase the monounsaturated fat.
  • Increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and legumes.
  • Increase the intake of aliment rich in fiber.
  • Incentivize the ingest of fish, chicken and turkey.
  • Incentivize the increase of fiber as an additional product.
  • Intake aliments rich in vitamin E, A, C, carotenes, branched amino acids.
  • Intake antioxidants antirradicalarios in form of medicine.
  • Use metal sequestering drugs.

The collagen forms the structure of the skin, bones and all the tissues of the articulations. When it degrades, it originates significant changes in these tissues that conditioning physical deterioration that is evidenced with the appearance of skin wrinkles accompanied by loss of thickness and elasticity of the skin, joint pain (arthritis) and embrittlement bone (osteoporosis).

In RENACER CLINIC we count with the hydrolyzed collagen, essential for anti-aging treatments.






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